Callum's Story 

He started off as a “shy young man”, but since Callum Meech joined Protyre in 2019, he has blossomed and developed into an integral part of his centre. Here’s how Callum embarked on his apprenticeship journey, and the views of those who have overseen his development.

Tell us a bit about you?
I started my apprenticeship on 15th April 2019. I was introduced to the team at Chippenham who welcomed me with open arms.
Since my arrival I have become a good team player and my day-to-day work involves many key aspects, including brakes, exhausts, suspension, wheel alignment and obviously tyres. I have also been involved in helping the team achieve the Pirelli Gold Standard for three consecutive years!

For my apprenticeship course I travel to Shrewsbury for training with ProVQ. This is a four-night stay, but I have met some great team members from other centres, and it’s given me a clear understanding of the business.
Thankfully, I’ve passed all my exams first time with a minimum score of 80%!

What’s your hopes for the future?
Well… I’m looking forward to the rest of my time within the Protyre company and I am very thankful for all the opportunities given to me. I would like to progress further, obtain a level three qualification, and eventually become an MOT tester.

What they said: 
Matthew Dickinson, Callum’s Area Manager
Over the course of Callum’s apprenticeship, he has really come out of his shell and has shown that he has a fantastic work ethic coupled with an ability to absorb and demonstrate the learnings he has undertaken. He also shows a great sense of humour and can be seen boosting the team morale when busy.

Callum certainly has a bright future with Protyre and has expressed his desire to become an MOT Tester, and I would have no hesitation placing him through this. Callum is a great example of how an apprenticeship can work and personally I think he is the best apprentice I have had the privilege of having within my team.

Stephen Trille, Callum’s Centre Manager
What can I say about Callum Meech other than what a fantastic asset to our business he has become? Callum was a shy young man with a great willingness to listen and learn and he has an ability to take anything we throw at him in his stride.

Callum has many strong points including a great personality, strong work ethic and keenness to learn. If he’s not doing the work himself, he makes sure he is present to observe our technician.

Callum is now very much a part of our family at Chippenham. He constantly shows his dedication to his qualification and the team with everything he does, and has a great future with Protyre.