TyreSafe Campaigns

Protyre work closely with TyreSafe promoting their awareness campaigns across the UK. During Tyre Safety Month, Protyre encourages the participation from both our extensive collection of customers and all drivers to get invloved in these life-saving campaigns.

The 20p Pledge

The 20p pledge is a simple commitment to check the tread depth of your tyres using a 20p coin, to make sure they are safe and legal. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it could just help to save a life.
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It Happened To Me

Protyre is proud to be supporting TyreSafe’s latest awareness campaign #ItHappenedToMe which calls upon people to send in their stories where they have suffered from a tyre-related incident.
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Bad Air Day

Protyre offers free Tyre checks to all customers, one of the many free garage services we offer.
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Tyre Safety Check Events

During Tyre Safety Month 2017 Protyre will be working closely with TyreSafe and the Emergency Services performing free safety checks in various locations across the UK.
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Summer Motoring 2018

With the consistently warm weather we have been experiencing recently, Protyre are proud to be supporting TyreSafe's latest campaign which highlighting that more tyre-related incidents happen on Britain’s roads during the summer months, than at any other time of year. 
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Tyre Safety Month 2018

Tyre Safety month is back and TyreSafe, the UK’s tyre awareness charity, has put together another campaign to drive home the importance of tyre maintenance.
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