Classic Car Tyres

Post war range offered including hot hatch, American muscle car and classic Michelin fitments. Next day delivery to most parts of the country (if ordered before 3:30pm) all included in the price of the tyre. Specialist team with X years experience. Previous experience of handling products in this sector and providing specialist support to our customers. We offer 56 different product lines with leading levels of availability.
Micheldever Classic Tyres Offer
The Micheldever Classic Tyre offering includes Michelin and BF Goodrich fitments for a wide range of Classic vehicles and provide excellent levels of performance and safety whilst maintaining the period aesthetics of your vehicle.
The familiar Michelin approach of continuous innovation and technological leadership can be found in the Classic range. These tyres benefit from the developments made to rubber mixtures in terms of grip. However, the dynamic characteristics of these tyres remain the most appropriate for fitment on Classic vehicles.
With the “future classic” movement, which offers the possibility of rediscovering the cars of the 1980s, Michelin is developing tyre ranges with performances that now allow for enjoying all the sensations of these cars that are so full of character. There are also White Wall options that have been added to the range at the request of many classic car owners, seeking tyres that combine grip, long life and elegance.
The BF Goodrich range is manufactured in America and is the perfect fitment for many muscle cars. Micheldever are stocking 21 sizes of the Radial T/A product that features raised white lettering on one side of the tyre. This product is the perfect fitment to maintain the original aesthetics of your pride and joy with no compromise on performance, handling and safety.
Our new range for classic car enthusiasts
If you were here in the 80’s you may remember fitting tyres to one of these…

  • The VW Beetle is a good example of a post-WW2 classic that enthusiasts are increasingly passionate about restoring.
  • Many enthusiasts will pay more to get the right tyres for their pride and joy, whether it’s to get an authentic experience on the road or to show off at shows and events.
  • This is where our new classics range comes in.
  • The new range means that classic cars can be fitted with brand-new tyres, just like the originals from back in the day.
  • All in all, we will be stocking 56 new lines from Michelin and BF Goodrich for cars ranging from VW Beetle, Dodge Viper, Citroen 2CV, and a range of American Muscle cars.
  • There’s no doubt this is a niche product – and the level of demand remains to be seen!
  • What’s important is growing our range to become an even more dependable network for our customers.                                                                                                                              
  • Furthermore, the classics range has the potential for good profit margins for us and our customers.
  • The range is arriving at the end of June and will be stocked in Walsall along with the less-in-demand motorcycle products on next day delivery via courier.
Product Features and Benefits:
American Muscle car fitments

  • A wide range of Muscle car tyre sizes produced in America and incorporating nearly 40 years of racing heritage into the product development of America’s first performance tyre.
  • The Radial T/A is available in 21 sizes across 14” and 15” rim sizes featuring 60 and 70 series options.
  • All sizes feature raised white letters on one side of the tyre.
  • Maintain the traditional appearance of your muscle car
  • Superb lateral stability and steering response
  • Designed to return long lasting and reliable driving distances throughout the service life
Please note: BFGoodrich® Radial T/A cannot be mounted on cars registered for the first time after the 01/10/1990

Youngtimer Range
Classic hot hatch and saloon car fitments available in the classic Michelin Primacy 3 and Pilot Sport Exalto 2 tread patterns.
Primacy 3
  • 3 sizes available in the renowned Primacy 3 tread pattern (
  • Features 60 series 15” and 16” products
  • intended for luxury and top-of-the-range future classic saloons
Excellent Driving Response on the Wet Road
Drive safely even in the rain thanks to the combination on autoblocking sipes and a patented rubber compound that combine to provide excellent performances on wet roads.

Very Long Life
Thanks to a rubber compound that is highly resistant to abrasion and an optimized ground contact zone that spreads pressure and heat in the tire more evenly, the life of the Michelin Primacy 3 tire has been improved. Voted best tire in its category by the ADAC in 2015 and 2018(2)
(1) Braking efficiency on wet surfaces: The MICHELIN Primacy 3 tire is graded A on the European label for grip on wet roads.
(2) The MICHELIN Primacy 3 tire obtained the best grade for longevity during the comparative test performed by the ADAC, on the dimension
205/55 R16 91V, published in February 2015 and February 2018.
Pilot Sport Exalto PE2
The tyre for the sporty hot hatch driver offering superb handling and driving experience
11 products available in 13”, 14” and 15” sizes in 50, 55, 60 and 65 series
The MICHELIN Pilot Exalto PE2 tyre has been reborn 20 years after it’s initial heyday and including some new sizes. It has been modernised in order to meet current safety standards, without modifying its design and performance characteristics
  • Grip When Cornering- The MICHELIN Pilot Exalto PE2 tyre offers excellent road holding when cornering, thanks to its VCP (Variable Contact Patch) that increases the area in which the tread is in contact with the ground as cornering efforts increase.
  • Grip- Developed to provide the grip demanded by sports vehicles, thanks to a rubber compound developed using the ALM (Adhesion and Longevity Maximised) technology stemming from competition use for better grip.
  • Asymmertrical Tread- The asymmetrical tread maximizes water evacuation.

Classic fitments for your modern classic vehicle

Pilot Sport 2
  • The exclusive fitment for Dodge Viper 1992-2002.
  • Front and rear fitment available
  • An American icon often seen on endurance tracks around the world fitted with this classic Michelin product
  •  Excellent performance on the track and road
  • A classic fitment tailor made for the Dodge Viper
Michelin X
  • The radial revolution                                                                                 
  • The first Michelin radial tyres were launched under the X label in 1949
  • Over half a century of satisfied customers and a rich history of classic vehicle fitments and racing performance
  • Available in white wall options on some key sizes for the perfect classic image
  • The radial construction led to improved performance in terms of Grip Road holding
  • Tyre life Offers the perfect period aesthetic
Michelin MX
  • Available in 145R12
  • Offers the perfect period aesthetic
Michelin XZX    
  • Ultimate development of the X tyre
  • One size available in white wall option for the perfect classic image
  • The tread pattern has two large circumferential grooves, ensuring optimal water dispersion and increased traction on wet and slippery surfaces.
  • This is combined with continuous lateral grooves from the centre of the tyre tread to the shoulders that provide excellent drainage in the contact patch.
Michelin XM+S 89
  • M+S tyre for the Citroen 2CV                                                                                
  • Available in 135R15
  • Excellent grip in all conditions for your vehicle
Michelin XM+S 244
  • The Versatile Adventurer
  • Recently relaunched to meet the demand for this proven performer
  • Available in 205R16
  • Retains it’s authentic period look whilst benefitting from investment in Michelin technology
  • Resulting in improved performance in both wet and dry conditions Longer mileages.
  • Deep tread and well-defined grooves, combined with a strong but flexible casing gives precise handling, good off-road performance comfort and quiet running in urban conditions.
  • All whilst maintaining the  original aesthetic authenticity of classic 4x4 vehicles
Michelin MXV 3-A
  • Tyres designed for youngtimer saloon cars                                      
  • Available in two 14” V rated sizes
  • Asymmetrical tread pattern
  • Returns excellent mileage performance
  • Low noise
Michelin SX MXX3
  • Two sizes feature in the Classic catalogue to fit numerous sports coupés
  • Asymmetric tread pattern provides: Precise steering, Progressive vehicle response, Control in extreme conditions.
  • While providing an aesthetic consistent with 80' vehicles
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