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Buy 2 or more Goodyear Tyres between 1st August 2022 and 11.59pm on 30th September 2022 and receive up to £80 of Tesco shopping vouchers to spend at Tesco. 

Offer valid on Goodyear car, van or 4x4 tyres only - rim size 13" (inch) or above.

Tyre Sizes 2/3 Tyres 4 Tyres
16" and below £10 reward £20 reward
17" and 18" Tyres £20 reward £40 reward
19" and above £40 reward £80 reward

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Please note: Voucher must be claimed once tyres have been fitted at your local Protyre garage.

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Tyre Attributes

  • Winter tyre
  • Run flat
  • Summer
  • Extra Load
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Key Features

The ultra high-performance tyre that delivers shorter braking distances when it matters most.

  • Shorter braking distances on wet and dry.
  • High-performance handling, greater fuel efficiency.


This Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 car tyre offers superb braking performance in all weather conditions, and is a natural choice for high performance vehicles.
Outstanding grip and traction 

This tyre rates an A for performance in wet conditions. If you need to brake hard, the tyre will stop the car in the minimum time possible, because it has outstanding traction, making it very unlikely to aquaplane. The asymmetric tread design is a key to the tyre's excellent braking and traction qualities. 
Active braking technology

As soon as the driver hits the brakes, the active braking technology kicks in, applying pressure to the tyres. The pressure steps up the contact between road and tyre, increasing braking power and grip and delivering a short stopping distance, in both wet and dry conditions. Goodyear employs high-tech silica, polymers and resins in this tyre to provide the performance. 

Tyre label classification

The Tyre Label is the European classification system that tells you the tyre's rating, in terms of fuel consumption, grip in wet conditions, and the amount of noise the tyre produces. Noise is 67dB - this is a good rating, giving silent driving in most conditions. The tyre is C rated for fuel consumption. It's very stable when cornering and responsive to steering direction from the driver. Not only that, it also provides a very comfortable ride. As mentioned above, it gets an A for the all-important braking performance.


Imagine that you're driving in torrential rain, and you suddenly realise that you have picked up a puncture. This Goodyear tyre won't deflate and you can continue to drive, but at a reduced speed. This could avoid a major accident, especially if conditions are wet.
Understanding the metrics - 225/40/18 92W

The numbers following the tyre's name take a bit of decoding, but are actually easy to understand, once you know what they represent. The first figure, 225, is the tyre's width in mm. Next comes the profile - 40. This means that the tyre's sidewall is 40% of the size of the width. The bigger the ratio, the bigger the sidewall. 
The 18 is actually R18, the wheel size that matches this tyre. The last figure, 92 in this case, is the load rating. This is the weight that each tyre can carry. In this case, 92 translates to 630kg.The last letter is the speed rating - a tyre with a "W" rating has a maximum speed of 168mph. That's not something you would try out on any UK road, but it is an indication of performance.

Our Service

People trust us. We take huge pride in our service, consistently scoring 98% customer satisfaction with Trading Standards’ Motor Industry Codes of Practice. We have an Excellent 98% Service Rating on Feefo and have been awarded Tyresafe Retailer of the Year for the last four years.

Tyre Specification

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