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If you are unsure as to which tyre your car requires, this information can be found on the sidewalls of the existing tyres. For the 215/45/R16 tyre it will state that code on the rim. This may start with a "P" for passenger, although Eurocentric tyres will not have this. The "215" means the tyre has a width of 215mm while the "16" means the wheel it can be fitted on must be 16 inches in diameter. This is a fairly standard size for a small to medium car. Meanwhile, the "R" indicates that the tyre's internal structure is radial running through the tyre.
Finally, 45 is the aspect ratio of the tyre. The aspect ratio of the tyre is the height of the tyre relative to the width, for the 215/45/R16 tyre it has an aspect ratio of 45%. Given that anything under 50% is considered to be a low-profile tyre, the 215/45/R16 is a slightly low-profile tyre and therefore gives the driver increased control, especially on corners as it is a high-performance tyre. The potential downside of this is that it can be a harder ride than with thicker tyres. The 215/45/R16 tyre pressure is commonly recommended to be 32 PSI/2.2 Bar for front tyres and 29 PSI/2 BAR for rear tyres but this varies based upon the vehicle and load conditions so always check the owner's manual.

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