Tyre Technology

SSR – the Self-Supporting Runflat tyre

  • Possible to drive up to 50 miles at 50 mph (maximum) after puncture
  • No spare wheel required
  • Compatible with conventional rims
  • Fuel efficient

When a puncture occurs, the Self-Supporting Runflat (SSR) technology prevents the sidewall of the tyre from getting crushed between the rim and the ground and stops the tyre slipping off the rim, which would make fitting a spare an impossible task.

An SSR tyre has other benefits too. SSR tyres help fuel efficiency and if you have four fitted to your vehicle, you will not need to carry a spare resulting in less weight and more interior space.

                         SSR Tyre (Deflated)                                                       Standard Tyre (Deflated)

To have SSR tyres fitted, it is essential that your vehicle has a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and it is recommended by Continental that it also has Electronic Stability Control (ESC), a program that improves stability by detecting and reducing loss of traction.


ContiSeal™ - technology that seals a damaged tyre tread

  • ContiSeal™ reduces tyre tread damage
  • Continued mobility and unaltered mileage
  • Driving performance completely unaffected

ContiSeal™ is a technology designed to seal a tyre’s damaged tread. When a tyre has a puncture, the immediate roadside change can be a necessary inconvenience. However, with ContiSeal™, the holes in the tyre will remain sealed, even if the object that has caused the damage becomes dislodged.

When a puncture occurs on a standard tyre, the sidewall can get crushed between the rim and the ground. This can lead to dangerous situations such as; a blowout, or the tyre slipping off the rim of the wheel, which would make fitting a spare impossible.

However, this is not the case with a ContiSeal™ tyre…

ContiSeal™ is a sticky gum-like sealant layer that is in the tread area of the inside of the tyre. The technology seals a whopping 80% of all punctures reducing the risk of flat tyres. These tyres are compatible with all commonly available rims are can be identified by their symbol on the sidewall.

                        ContiSeal™ (Punctured)                                                         Standard Tyre (Deflated)

To get the best benefits out of ContiSeal™ technology, Continental recommend using a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System to work in conjunction.

With ContiSeal™ you can continue your journey without the necessity to stop and change your punctured tyre.

However, when you discover a puncture, Continental recommend a tyre specialist like Protyre check the tyre. At Protyre, we offer Free Tyre Checks at every one of our garages, click the button below to book your vehicle in.

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ContiSilent™ - tyre noise-reducing technology

  • Reduced interior noise on every road surface
  • The ContiSilent™ technology performs no matter the weather
  • Driving performance characteristics unaffected
  • No change in mileage, load and speed capabilities
  • Same mounting and storage as standard tyres

ContiSilent™ is designed to reduce interior noise from all surfaces. These tyres are equipped with a polyurethane foam, inner tyre absorber which is attached to the inner surface of the tread area.

ContiSilent™ can help to reduce interior vehicle noise by up to 9 decibels, depending on; vehicle type, speed and the surface it is driving on. These tyres are available for summer tyres and are compatible with all common sizes of wheel rims. ContiSilent™ tyres do not affect driving performance and there is no change in mileage and load/speed capability.

For best results Continental recommend that ContiSilent™ tyres are fitted to each wheel on your vehicle.