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Get a Bronze basic car service featuring an oil and filter change with Protyre. Our quickest and least expensive servicing package, the Bronze service nevertheless benefits from the Institute of Motor Industry expertise of our specialist mechanics.

Their leading approach to servicing combines your service history and industry-standard Autodata technology to provide a top-class basic car service plan that suits the car and driver.

With us, you’re sure to be able to find a basic car service or car oil change near you, thanks to around 160 Protyre locations up and down the country. At each one, we only use the best-quality OE (Original Equipment) parts or equivalents. This, combined with our professional skills, means we guarantee work for 12 months or 12,000 miles.
Book an appointment with our team today below, and if you have any questions, call 03330602294  or send us an email. Prices start from just £79!

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What’s included in a basic Bronze car service and oil change?

Our Bronze basic car service consists of a 27-point package which is ideal for drivers who regularly use their vehicle for travelling or who rack up high mileages in short spaces of time. This service includes an oil and filter change, inspection and topping-up of anti-freeze, battery check and much more: 

  • Engine inspection: Oil leaks, oil and filter plus antifreeze
  • Electrical components: Battery charge and terminals plus horn
  • Steering and suspension: Power steering system and fluid, steering components and steering rack gaiters
  • Windscreens and mirrors: Washers and wipers, windscreen washing fluid, windscreen damage and security, interior and exterior mirrors plus number plates
  • Exhaust system: Exhaust system and catalysts
  • Braking: Brake pads, brake fluid boiling point, ABS warning light and brake fluid level
  • Tyres: Tread depth, pressures, condition, wear, age and spare tyres
  • Miscellaneous: Reset vehicle service light, road test and logbook stamp.
If you don’t know whether the basic car check-up and oil change service above is enough for your car’s servicing requirements, check your logbook or give our experts at your local garage a call. To see the whole list of things inspected in our Bronze, Silver and Gold servicing packages, follow the link below.

Protyre Servicing Packages

How much does a basic oil and filter change cost?

An oil and filter change within Protyre’s Bronze-level basic car service costs from just £79.

This baseline price may end up being a little higher on your bill if your mechanic finds issues with your car and you choose to let them go ahead and fix the problems. In such a case, the price of parts and labour will be added to your final basic car check-up bill.

What’s the difference between basic Bronze, interim Silver and full Gold car services?

To help you understand what you get extra from our various car service packages, here are the differences between our basic (Bronze), interim (Silver) and full (Gold) services:

  • Differences with an interim Silver car service: A Silver interim car service features all the checks featured in Bronze plus the fan and alternator, belts, lighting, HT leads, driveshaft, clutch, wheel bearings, shock absorbers, suspension, brake callipers, brake shows, wheel cylinders, brake discs or drums, brake hydraulics and handbrake. TPMS valves are also checked, alongside the doors, bonnet, locks and seatbelts.
  • Differences with a full Gold car service: A Gold car service looks at all the points included in Bronze and Silver, plus the radiator, coolant hoses, expansion bottle, air filter, spark plugs, diesel plug indicator, clutch, transmission fluid, fuel cap, fuel lines, fuel filter and pollen filter.

How long does a basic car service take?

A basic car service with an oil and filter change should take between one and two hours to complete.

A few things can impact how long a basic car service takes, such as whether your car is in good or poor condition, the number of issues that are identified and whether the servicer has access to important things like your car’s locking wheel nuts. If you want any problems fixed at the garage, these will also increase the time for which your car is off the road.

Why should you get a basic car check-up and oil change service?

Getting a basic car check-up and an oil and filter change is a good idea if you need your car servicing regularly. This could be due to racking up many miles over a short space of time or driving consistently in adverse off-road or city conditions.

Basic car services are also a good choice if you simply want peace of mind and an improved drive. A Bronze service will likely help improve your car’s fuel efficiency, handling and much more – perfect if you’re behind the wheel for lots of the time and won’t settle for anything less than great motoring.

Book a Bronze basic car service and MOT combo

To get the best value from your car maintenance, Protyre offer a great saving with our basic car Service and MOT combo. It’s a good choice if you want to cut down on trips to the garage and driver’s admin, too.

All you need to do is add a Bronze car check-up and oil change to your basket, then go through the checkout process, selecting MOT combo during step three.

Book a Bronze basic car service and oil change with Protyre today

With Protyre, get a quality basic service and oil change from the UK’s trusted experts. Get a basic service and oil change near you thanks to our 160 or so garages, where they’ll be carried out by trained professionals who know exactly what they’re doing.

Our basic car services start from just £79 – book below or get in touch via phone or email if you have any questions.

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** While our prices are competitive, servicing pricing may vary depending on engine size and vehicle type. Luxury cars, certain vehicle marques and engines over 2.5L may be subject to change. **

Bronze Service and MOT combo

Protyre strive to offer customers the best deals possible and that doesn’t stop when it comes to mechanical work. By booking Service and MOT combo, not only can you save money, you will save yourself another trip!

To take advantage of this, add a Bronze Service to your Shopping Basket and select the MOT combo option in Step 3 of the checkout process.

Where is my nearest Protyre garage?

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