Tyres for my Suzuki SV650 Motorcycle


Suzuki has been manufacturing motorcycles since 1952. Since then, the company has been at the very forefront of both road racing and motocross (scrambling), and this sporting success has unquestionably played its part in the development of their popular modern range of bikes.

The SV650 has been around since 1999, with three generations having been designed. The first generation lasted until 2002, after which the second generation was introduced in 2003 and was available until 2012. There were several upgrades during this 10-year period. In 2016, the third-generation SV650 was introduced, signalling a return to conventional styling, and it continues as the current iteration. 

Choose the right tyres for the Suzuki SV650 Motorcycle



The first two generations had 120/60 ZR17 tubeless tyres on the front and 160/60 R17 tubeless on the rear. The third generation keeps the same size rear but has a 120/70 R17 on the front. This third (current) generation has Dunlop radial sport tyres as OE (Original Equipment) fitment, and this is an excellent tyre for city/urban riding in all conditions. 

Unlike car tyres, motorcycle tyres typically require frequent replacement. It's reasonable to plan to replace the rear tyre annually and the front tyre every two years, depending on the tyres and usage. It's recommended that both tyres are of the same type in order to prevent unusual handling characteristics. This can, of course, make it somewhat difficult to change the type of tyres fitted to your bike.

Fortunately, there is a wide choice for this size and type of bike. Different tyres have varying characteristics, and your choice of tyres for a Suzuki SV650 motorcycle will depend essentially on the type of riding you plan to do and on your riding style. General riding around towns or cities might lead to entirely different requirements than long, leisurely cross-country rides or using your bike on a high-intensity trackday. 

Being the OEM tyre, the Dunlop Sportmax is always a good choice when replacing your tyres. There is, however, a range of other tyres available from other leading manufacturers to accommodate the type of riding you do, your riding style and, of course, your budget. Alternatives you might consider include tyres from AvonPirelliContinentalBridgestoneMaxxisMichelin and Metzler. Each manufacturer has a range of tyres suitable for the Suzuki SV 650, so if you aren't sure which make and model of tyre is best for you, our specialist fitters at Protyre will be happy to guide and advise you. Why not make an appointment at your local Protyre garage to discuss your requirements?