Tyres for Suzuki Bandit 600 Motorcycle


We stock a huge selection of tyres here at Protyre, incorporating high-quality tyres from some of the very best manufacturers in the world. When riding a motorcycle, maintaining your tyres is very important, as their performance is directly related to your safety. Protyre knows tyres for a Suzuki Bandit 600 motorcycle; with us, you will not only have a range of excellent choices but also find all the expertise, know-how and friendly service you might need from our engaged and very knowledgeable mechanics. Our staff are always on hand to assist with selecting, fitting or repairing the tyres for your motorcycle. 

The history of Suzuki goes back more than a century to 1909, when Michio Suzuki started making machines for weaving silk in a small Japanese seaside village. The company started to experiment with making vehicles after the second world war, when there was a large demand for cheap personal modes of transport. Suzuki started attaching engines to bicycles; from there, the company eventually became one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. 

Choose the Right Tyres for the Suzuki Bandit 600 Motorcycle


The Suzuki Bandit 600 has a double overhead cam engine featuring the Suzuki Advanced Cooling System, or SACS, that was developed in the 1980s and helps to make the Suzuki engine extremely durable. The Bandit 600, which was produced between 1995 and 2004, also features an inline four-cylinder engine that has four valves for each cylinder. The Bandit series of bikes includes a number of models that were popular for their sporty performance. 

Tyres for your Suzuki 600 could include models by manufacturers such as MichelinBridgestone and Pirelli Diablo. When choosing tyres for your Suzuki Bandit 600, you will need to consider what kind of riding you will be doing and the conditions you will be encountering; for example, there is a big difference between dealing with urban streets and touring mountainous countries. Tyres vary in durability and tread for handling in wet conditions, which are also factors to take into account when choosing tyres for a Suzuki Bandit 600. 

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Protyre staff have many years of experience in fitting motorcycle tyres. Protyre mechanics are thoroughly trained in wheel alignment for motorcycles and will make sure your tyres are correctly placed, as bad alignment can contribute to poor handling and tyres wearing strangely. You can depend on our reliable service from any one of our large network of convenient garages. Protyre is a brand with a well-deserved reputation for excellence that will take great care of your valuable wheels.