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Take the effort out of your car maintenance with a car service and MOT from Protyre. Instead of booking an MOT or arranging a car service individually, combining your MOT and service can be a simple way of ensuring you are up to date on all aspects of your vehicle maintenance.

Book your full service and MOT today at a Protyre garage near you with the UK’s fastest growing local garage network. If you have any questions, contact our experts online today or to book, input your registration below.

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How much is an MOT and service?


You can book your MOT and Service together from £99 *Price dependant on vehicle. To say thank you for booking both your MOT and car service together we offer an MOT for only £20.00 when booked with any car service. If you book your service and MOT together with Protyre, you will get your MOT for a reduced price – a great way to cut down on your maintenance costs.

Should I get an MOT and service together?

Wondering why you should book an MOT and service at the same time? There are plenty of benefits that make it a smart option:

  • Save time – Book your MOT and service together and you’ll cut down on time across the whole process. That means avoiding the admin of organising them individually, with fewer trips to fewer garages.
  • Reduce costs – Book your MOT and service together with Protyre and get money off your MOT. Additionally, booking together means less chance of having to arrange costly and time-consuming trips to and from an MOT centre and your garage, should your vehicle fail its MOT.
  • Fewer risks 2021 Highways England data shows over half of drivers don’t know when their next service is due, and 40% of breakdowns occur due to poor tyres, electrics, or engines (as well as a lack of fuel). With these stats in mind, booking your MOT with your service can reduce the risk of forgetting either one – as well as the likelihood of needing to wait for a tow, stuck on the hard shoulder.
  • They complement one another – The MOT is an inspection of the car in line with regulations from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). That’s different to a service, which is a much more exhaustive, manufacturer-decided list of checks, but there is some overlap in areas such as brakes, tyres, and lights. At the end of the day, why book two tests that will look at the same factors?


How long does an MOT and service take?

If you’re in a rush to complete your MOT (perhaps its renewal date is approaching fast), know that getting a car service and MOT shouldn’t take long. Getting a full car service takes around three hours, while an MOT is between 45 minutes to one hour.

That means that if you book both at the same time, your vehicle should be ready to drive away the same or next day, as long as there are no fixes required. During your appointment, you can wait for your MOT test and service to be completed, or we can contact you when it’s complete – it’s entirely up to you.

What is checked during an MOT and service?

A full service and an MOT check for similar yet different things.

The MOT will look across a whole host of legally set criteria. This includes your registration plate, lights, vehicle identification number, wipers, washers, windscreen, steering, suspension, horn, seatbelts, seats, emissions, fuel system, doors, vehicle structure, mirrors, wheels, tyres, and brakes. View the DVSA-provided checklist that MOT testing centres use when looking over your car.

A service, on the other hand, can differ depending on the service schedule set out by the manufacturer of your vehicle model, and which servicing plan you choose. At Protyre, these are:

  • Bronze: A 27-point check that is designed for appointments booked halfway between the car’s annual check, such as the battery, oil, oil filter, anti-freeze, and steering.
  • Silver: A 48-point check designed for yearly services that also looks at things like the fan, alternator, driveshaft, joints, and wheel bearings.
  • Gold: A 59-point check that dives deep into your vehicle, checking aspects like the pollen filter, radiator inspection, engine inspection and more, as well as the factors covered in Bronze and Silver.

All three plans are guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles, giving you extra peace of mind.

There is some cross-over between the two types of check, but you can be sure that when you book an MOT and service near you with Protyre, you won’t be paying for the same check to be conducted twice.

Do you need a service and MOT? 

MOT and service requirements differ slightly. MOTs are legally required for all vehicles over three years old, every single year. If you don’t, fines and headaches can result. Learn more about what happens if your MOT is out of date.

Services, on the other hand, are not mandatory, but without one your car will break down more often, lose functionality, and provide a worse driving experience.

Take engine oil: if it’s not regularly topped up or replaced, your car’s components and engine can be affected by the build-up of damaging deposits, parts can corrode, and components will experience increased friction, becoming damaged as a result. As such, avoiding regular servicing can often mean you need to book a much more expensive fix at your local garage anyway.

What to bring to your car MOT and service appointment

To speed up your appointment and ensure as seamless a car service and MOT as possible, make sure to bring the following with you:
  • Service book – This will show us the repairs and replacements your car has undergone before we start your MOT and service.
  • V5C form – If your car is having its first MOT, bring its registration form.
  • Clean boot – Our testers will often need to check your spare tyres as part of the service element, so remove clutter from your boot so they can easily access it.
  • Wheel keys – Your car will likely have specific keys that unlock the wheel nuts. We need to access the wheels to perform the MOT, so it’s imperative you bring these keys.

How to book an MOT and service with Protyre

Booking an MOT and service near you is easy with Protyre. Just input your registration and click book now to choose an appointment date that works for you.

There are over 160 dedicated Protyre MOT test centres across the UK, so you’re sure to find a great time that suits your schedule. Our testers are constantly trained on changing MOT approaches, so whatever level of MOT and service you choose, you can be sure that you will receive an accurate and exhaustive check, plus expert repairs, should you need them.

Our customers always come first, which is why we have a five-star ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot. To learn more about how we can help you with your full service and MOT, contact us online or call 0333 060 2294. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

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