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Wheel alignment, or tracking, is the process of ensuring your vehicle’s wheels are set to the optimum position, as per the car manufacturer’s specifications. Book a FREE alignment check at any one of our centres.


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Free Wheel Alignment Check

Car wheels that are out of alignment, even by a small margin, will cause uneven tyre wear and can cost you a great deal of money when you have to replace tyres that could have had a much longer life. The misaligned tyres will also affect fuel economy and drivability. They can also place more strain on the suspension and steering of the car, and these are key to keeping the car in proper alignment.

Five Danger Signs That Mean You Must Check Your Wheel Alignment:
- When you turn a corner, the steering wheel doesn't return to position properly
- The car has a tendency to drift over to one side when being driven - you feel it "pulling" to the right or left. Alternatively, the steering may feel less positive than usual
- Tyres do not last as long as they should, and when you look at them you can see that the tread is wearing unevenly
- When you are driving in a straight line, your steering wheel is not straight. If you have a logo or symbol in the middle of the wheel, it's easy to see whether it's slightly tilted to the right or left
- The tires squeal

How Do Tyres Get Out Of Alignment?

There are lots of different ways that tyres can become misaligned:
- If you hit a curb.
- Driving down roads that are full of potholes.
- Any kind of accident - even a minor bump. Wheel alignment should be checked as a matter of urgency after an accident.
- Worn suspension springs that have slackened, leading to a change in the wheel alignment.
- A change in the vehicle's height - if you lower or raise the height of your car, you'll need to adjust the alignment of the wheels.

Tyre manufacturers recommend that you check the alignment at least every 6000 miles. This can save you a lot of money on replacing tyres that would have lasted much longer if they had worn evenly.

Making sure that the wheels are aligned will also help to make your car more drivable, and that can make the difference between having an accident or not if you are in challenging conditions such as very wet or icy roads. Because the tyres are in the optimum position, you will also save fuel when driving.

The good news is that Protyre, who are experts in this field, are offering free professional wheel alignment checks. It involves consulting the manufacturer's specifications and then ensuring the correct configuration of the car's suspension, including adjusting various components so that the wheels are fully aligned with each other and with the road. It's a skilled job, particularly when it comes to performance cars and larger, heavier saloons. It requires skilled mechanics and advanced testing and alignment equipment.

However, you can take advantage of Protyre's expertise at no cost by booking a free wheel alignment test at your local Protyre garage.