Expert Vehicle Maintenance Advice

Looking for the answer on how to look after your vehicle and undetake the day to day maintenance tasks needed? Look no further then our handy vehicle maintenance tips and advice section. As a vehicle owner it is vitally important that you are carrying out regular maintenance on your vehicle. Without proper maintenance, your vehicle will be a lot more likely to be prone to more serious problems in the future that could lead to you being greatly out of pocket. By performing routine maintenance on your vehicle, it will highly reduce the risk of serious problems occurring in the future as well as improving the driving quality of your vehicle. Many vehicle owners fail to perform the necessary vehicle maintenance tasks that are so important due to ignorance, lack of awareness or even laziness. To give the best advice possible we have compiled a list of how to guides written by our trusted experts here at Protyre. New advice is added on a regular basis by our trusted mechanics, so please check back for new articles. 

10 common car noises and what they mean

We've all been there; you’re driving along minding your own business when your car starts to make a strange noise. You turn off the radio to hear it more clearly, is it a rumble, a clunk, a squeak?
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AGM and EFB Battery Fitments Explained

If you have a Start-Stop engine, you need a Start-Stop battery. These batteries have been developed specifically for Start-Stop engines and can quickly recover power lost as a result of starting the engine. On many modern cars, the battery isn’t where you think it might be; other than in the engine bay, the battery can be found in the boot, under the passenger seat or under flooring. It can take up to two hours to change the battery on some vehicles! Even if the battery is in the traditional area, it can take a long time to fit a replacement battery; the battery box may be under another part or tucked behind a difficult to remove piece of equipment. 
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Air conditioning antibacterial cleaning

If you haven’t used your air con in a while, you may notice an unpleasant smell the next time you turn it on. This is caused by the build-up of bacteria in your system and suggests that it probably needs a deep clean. While you can use disinfectant sprays as a temporary measure, we offer an affordable procedure which ensures that your air conditioning gets a deep-down cleanse which, in turn, can keep you healthy.
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Are all electric cars really almost maintenance-free?

In the 1980s, record companies told us that CDs were indestructible, now car manufacturers tell us electric cars are almost maintenance-free. It is true that electric motors have fewer parts than combustion engines, but you would be unwise to avoid an annual service. Your car still has wheels, brakes, steering, suspension, coolants and many electrical parts. These components need the same attention in any vehicle, and there are additional electrical systems and sensors, such as those for braking.


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Are car maintenance plan contracts worth it?

It is now commonplace in purchasing a car to be offered a service plan via either a one-off payment or a monthly schedule covering a number of services.
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Are electric or hybrid cars more difficult to repair?

Both hybrid cars and electric cars come with a wide range of benefits. They run on a cleaner fuel that will eventually reduce urban air pollution and will probably enable most owners to reduce their overall fuel costs. Although electrical recharging is more tedious than topping up a tank, the newest models can greatly exceed the range of equivalent petrol-driven vehicles.


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Are oil leak-stop additives bad for the engine of a car?

Finding a leak anywhere in your car is a problem and an annoyance, but it is even more of an issue when you are short of the money required to replace a damaged seal. Inevitably, we all look for more convenient and affordable solutions.


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Are van tyres different to car tyres?

Any vehicle designed to transport tools and goods should be fitted with reinforced tyres. All manufacturers recommend this, and insurance companies often insist upon it – which means that if you don’t have reinforced tyres and need to claim for whatever reason, it could be disallowed.
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