Tyre selection made easy by the experts

Load rating, speed rating, Summer, Winter, All-Season, Run-flat, Non-run-flat? Selecting the correct tyres for your vehicle can be confusing at the best of times but don’t panic, Protyre are here to help! Our handy guides below offer a variety of solutions to tyre-selection dilemmas and provide answers to a range technical tyre-related questions.

Run flat car tyres

Run flat tyres have strengthened sidewalls that prevent them from collapsing when punctured. That means you can continue driving, cautiously, until you reach a garage for a replacement. However, they have some disadvantages and are not recommended for all cars.


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Is it worth buying premium tyres?

Tyres are the only part of your car that is actually in contact with the road surface, so they are essential to your safety. You need to make sure your tyres have enough tread and that they are kept at the right pressures. But how much difference does the brand of tyre you fit to your car make?
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Do my car tyres need to match?

At Protyre, we recommend fitting the same type of tyre on all four wheels of your car. Having tyres of the same size, tread pattern, speed rating and load index will help to optimise the safety and performance of your vehicle. Drive with four mismatching tyres and you’re a danger to yourself and other road users.
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How often you should budget for new tyres

There’s no doubt that even budget tyres can punch a hole in your wallet. However, with careful driving and regular maintenance, you can prolong the lifespan of your tyres.
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Which Car Tyres Should You Get?

When you buy a brand new car, it will have been fitted with tyres chosen by the manufacturer. But do you really need to replace them with exactly the same make and model of tyres?
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Should tyres be replaced in pairs?

There comes a time when your tyres need replacing through wear and tear or damage. If only a single tyre suffers a puncture or shows signs of bulging or cracking, it’s tempting to replace just the affected tyre.
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Should Tyres Be Replaced in Pairs?

Technically speaking, if all your tyres run out of tread at the same time, this is a good sign. It suggests that your vehicle is well balanced and has been properly serviced. It also means you have obtained the maximum value from your set of tyres.
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Should You Buy All Season Tyres?

Cars are almost always shipped from the factory with “summer tyres”. This isn’t just a vote of confidence in the British weather; summer tyres offer a good balance of price, performance and durability.
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