Expert Tyre Advice & Safety

As your local tyre experts, Protyre are here to provide you with helpful information on tyre safety and how following our advice can keep you and your vehicle safe on the road.

How often should you check tyre pressure?

There are few car maintenance routines more important than checking your tyres and few easier to perform. Our tyre professionals, along with the AA, the RAC, Pirelli and Bridgestone, advise drivers to check tyre condition and pressure once a fortnight. At the very least you should correct their pressure monthly, as well as before and after long journeys or whenever you add/remove a significantly heavy load from the vehicle.


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Tyre Checks Before A Long Journey

The boot is packed and you’re ready to hit the road for a long journey. But have you checked your tyres before you hit the road? When it comes to safe, secure and comfortable driving over long distances, you need total confidence in your tyres.
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Tyre-related hazards on motorways

A detailed study by Bridgestone and Highways England found that 30 people were killed or seriously injured in accidents on motorways during 2016 due to tyre related faults.
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Tyre hazards on residential roads

We ask a lot of our vehicle tyres. They need to be robust enough to cope with heavy loads, but they also need to have enough ‘give’ to provide us with a smooth driving experience. And they need to be able to adapt seamlessly to all types of road and weather conditions, without splitting, breaking or cracking.
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Tyre hazards on your driveway

Tyre damage is a common issue and a very important item amidst the safety checks that a motorist should carry out on a regular basis. After all, tyres bear the weight of your vehicle and are the only points on your vehicle that come into contact with the road.
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The benefits of mobile tyre fitting

Mobile tyre fitting is a convenient approach when you require new tyres for your vehicle, with the minimum amount of fuss and effort on your part.
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Checking your tyre pressure regularly for safety and to save money

Many drivers only concern themselves with the condition of their vehicle if it fails to start or the engine begins to make worrying noises. The approach of an MOT test may also make you check your lights or windscreen wipers.
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Checking your tyres will help make your Christmas travels safer

For many people, Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends. And that often involves a fair amount of time travelling. The combination of winter weather and a car loaded with more people and luggage than usual increases the risk of breakdowns and tyre problems.
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