Car maintenance explained by the experts - How to Guides

Looking for answers on 'How to' undertake some of the maintenance tasks required to keep your vehicle in tip-top working order? Well look no further…our handy ‘How To’ articles offer step-by-step guides for anything from changing a headlight bulb, or checking the rotation of a tyre, to identifying a Run Flat tyre against a Non-Run Flat tyre – whatever task you need assistance for, you can trust in Protyre’s expert ‘How To’ guides to provide the solution. 

Car servicing centres – how to find a car repair garage near me

Getting the best performance and value from a car depends on regular servicing, and so too may your livelihood and wellbeing, so finding a good garage is crucial if you want to keep it in tip-top condition. When you decide it is time for a car service it is tempting to Google ‘local garages near me’ and take your chances but finding a good local garage can be harder than you think. Asking the right questions will help you make the right choice every time.


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Easter Activities for All: Having Fun at Home this Bank Holiday Weekend

The Easter Bank Holiday weekend is fast approaching. Normally people up and down the country would be loading up the car and preparing for a weekend away visiting family or going for a day out by the coast. But this Easter weekend will be far from normal due to the outbreak of COVID-19, however that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of activities to keep yourself or your family entertained at home the whole weekend long.
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Find Out If Your Car Tyre Is the Cause of Vibration

Causes of vehicle vibrations range from the merely irritating to the potentially fatal. The possible causes are numerous, but the most probable are easy to put right.
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Find your tyres by car registration number

The benefits of digital data gathering, storage and analysis are many and varied. While there will always be some people who are suspicious of the extent to which our data may be used by businesses and national institutions, most of us have come to embrace the convenience and efficiency it brings.


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Flat Tyre: How to Check for a Slow Tyre Puncture

Most drivers never give their tyres a second thought, apart from the occasional check to see whether the pressure is correct; however, the safety of you and your passengers depends heavily on your tyres being fit for purpose. 
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How much do rims for a car cost?

The tyre rim is the name for the metal wheel that holds the rubber tyres in place and enables the vehicle to move. Rims help to reduce friction and provide leverage, a good-quality set of rims can boost performance and provide a smoother ride.
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How To Avoid Part Worn Tyres

As amazing at it seems, your car is only in contact with the road surface through a very small area when compared to the size of the car itself - each tyre has a contact area approximately the size of your hand. This small area is critical to the control you have over your vehicle but is often ignored.
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How to calculate what tyre size you need

Most drivers know that not all tyres are the same and that the likelihood of a random tyre fitting your vehicle is fairly low. Tyres are manufactured with characteristics to suit driving in different conditions – from wet and icy, to Formula 1.
Use our Online Tyre Finder Tool and search the best tyres to fit your car. Click on the Button below for more details on our Online Tyre Finder Tool.

Tyre Finder


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